Friday, August 15, 2008


Masks. We all wear them. Some wear it to conceal their fears, hurt, because they are scared of revealing their true selves. Some wear it because they are ashamed or guilty of who they are. Some wear it to gain other peoples approvals by hiding their true self.
But there are those who use these masks as to conceal their evil natures. They pretend to be your friend or your ally and will strike when you least expect them to. One moment you think you know that person but then the next you realize how wrong you were. It was all an act. You are then face to face with the real person behind the mask, and then you wonder to yourself, if a person you knew so well can be wearing masks why the rest can’t.
It’s hard to know who is who anymore. Betrayals have become common practice. Hurting one another a new kind of culture.
As the saying goes what goes around comes around, I do believe that one day they would have a taste of their own sick games and know how much it hurts to know that the person you thought you knew was just another stranger behind a mask.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In the last couple of month’s lots had happened in my life which had thought me a few valuable lessons.

One of them was about trust. I learnt that trust is not something that everyone can afford. People say that we are supposed to trust our instincts, but what do you do when the same instincts proves you wrong, or leads you to make the biggest mistakes of your life???

Well there is always the “life teaches you a lesson” theory right. Which is right infact. It sure has taught me more about myself than I knew.

It had taught me that I can cope with almost anything in my life. Life had thrown some mean punches my way but I had always risen through them with a little help from my family and a lot from my friends.

So in the end I had learned that things never do stay the same nor does it go according to how we think they would. That is the beauty of life. It’s a mystery, just like one of the neatly wrapped gifts you receive. You just have to open it to know what’s inside. It may not always be something you expected.

My life’s pretty messed up now but I know they won’t stay like that forever, one of these days I’ll get out of them and figure out the bigger plan that fate has in store for me. Like they say, there is a dawn after every dark night. Well my dark night is here, I’ll just have to wait for my dawn.