Saturday, January 24, 2009


I was up all night doing my assignment and preparing for my presentation. I went to uni early so I can prepare for the presentation with my group buddies. Luckily the presentation went well and I was able to submit the assignment on time. I thought it was one of those days that things were going to go right.
Alas! I was wrong. I went home and packed my bags to get ready to leave to Penang with my cux and her hubby. We needed to catch the bus at 4:30. We tried to get a taxi at 4, but all we got was a
Im sorry no taxi
So it was a race against time. We carried our luggage to the nearest taxi stop (which is a 5 mins walk, imagine carrying one large suitcase, one small suitcase) and to top it off the traffic was unbelievable. However it was no surprise cause the Chinese New Year holidays were here and everyone was in hurry to leave for the holidays like us.
We reached the bus station after 10 minutes pass the departure time, so we missed the bus.
Panic mode. My bro-in-law(BIL) and I rushed to find another bus, and luckily we found another bus in 5 mins.
My oh my what a bus. It shook all the way to Penang, I had my doubts about us making to our destination in it. And further a trip that should only have taken 4 hours took us 6 hours.
I thought we were pass the hard part and we can have a smooth ride once we got to Penang, but no, fate just was having too much fun for it to end.
We got on to taxi and he said
Oh I know the place
So we were off to the apartment. It turned out the guy had no idea where the apartment was, so it was another half an hour riding trying to find the place which should have taken only 10 minutes.
Finally we reached our destination, and I was ready to crash. Never was I gonna go anywhere in the rush of a holiday...naaaah...I'm not gonna sacrifice my holidays cox of some sick joke fate plays =)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In life when we are so used to bad stuff that when something good happens along the way we wait in vain for it to come to an end, cause its hard to believe that somethng good can finally happen after all the bad that has happened.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 =)

Smile at every opportunity life throws your way
Even when you are not sure...or when you wanna cry so bad,
a smile can go along what if the world has turned upside down, maybe its life's way of saying what's to come is worth the hurt...
say goodbye to all the heartaches, all the hurt you have felt this year and welcome the new year with new hopes, hopes of things to be better or atleast you'd try to make it better with a positive attitude
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!