Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does the distance make the heart grow fonder OR does distance mean, out of sight out of mind???

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have never written a post like this...but after reading Hilath's blog i just had to write this

Centuries and Milleniums ago, the Prophets showed us the ways of Allah, the path of Islam, the gift of Quran and the wisdom of Hadith's. All this is to guide us through the journey of our limited time her, our manual guide.
Injil was the scripture sent to Isaagefaan to guide the bani israil people, however it was banned after the bani israil peope made lots of modification and adjustments to it.
Those were the bani israil people, they were the people of the past, and we the people of the present are still following in their shoes. We take what have been told us to be done and twist it to suit for our advantage.
One good example is how we punish the people who commit robberies in Maldives, it is clearly stated in the Quran the punishment for such a crime; chopping off the hands and legs as s/he continue to commit the crime, however we Maldivians doesnt seem to be practicing this, nevertheless we are said to be practicing the Islamic law, Shariah.
Further, the Habi people as they are so famously known are coming up with their own rules and regulations and even have the gall to say it is said in the Quran and the Hadiths of the Prophets.
The wearing of the Abaya which covers the whole face is said to be a must as per them, however that is not that case. Islam nor the Quran has ever implied that women have to cover their whole face, but rather their au'ra, which is considered evrything else but the face and hands.
Our task is simple here, follow what has been brought to us by the Prophets, the path of Allah, is it that hard that people have to go and manipulate it for their advantage?
I do wonder how they are going to justify what they say and do on the day of judgement, now that would be one justification which would be worth listning to.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

About a decade or so ago, whenever two guys meet up they would end up going to Hotaa for a sai...
Now the tradition has changed somewhat and gotten more and more popular. Now adays when ever two guys or more meets up, the whole meet up is bound to end up in some cafe' or restaurant sharing a cup of never ending coffees and blow smoke at each others faces.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Some say its the person who is meant for you
Or perhaps the one who complete you
the one person whom you are meant to be with
one person without whom you feel as if you are lost
one person who makes you whole
but, is there such thing as soulmates???