Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today is my last day at the job which I had been working since Last year July
Am glad am leaving but a lil sad toooo cause Its hard to let go of something eh nu
Well I am letting go more office
And yeah won't be able to blog for a while....But will be back soooooooooon

Monday, August 20, 2007


Nothing is going right...I talked about changes before...well my life is turning upside down...why can't things just go back to the way they were

I pray to God to make things better
If not, at least not to make them worse
So far my prayers hasn't yet been answered
cause all I have been getting is bad new and more bad news...
It wouldn't hurt to have something positive to come out of all this
That way I'd have something to hang on to
Something to look forward to
Instead of waiting for the axe to fall
And dreading what more that could go wrong

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Lately nothing is as it is now.Poeple are changing...things are changing and most of all I am chaging too.
My life seems be be going in clock work for about a year and then it stuck me that I dont want it to be that way anymore. I like plans but the few days in Thodoo made me realise one thing...its better to take a day as it come than to plan ahead.
But the real question is do I really need this change?
Thats not the only thing that has changed. Relationships has changed so much in the past month. My Aunt & Uncle are moving out on Friday. We all had been living together before I was even born. Nothing is ever gonna be the same again
I am soo confused...I am not sure about anything anymore...I liked the way things were before and I was happy about it
But I guess things can't always be the same dho...It needs to change in order for the world to move on...As for me I'd just have to accept this as as it come and go with the flow.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Yeah, am back from Thoddu and V late in posting
I have grown soooooooo dark, and have a few bruises here and there but it dont matter. Cause I had the bestest time in thoddu

We would get up early in the mornings and walk abt 15-20 mins to the beach.And what a beach it was. You dont ever wanna get out.We all went there everyday we were there except the day we arrived and departed.

Apart from that we played loads of badminton ( lost a few pounds i like to think so ) & yeah cant forget went to the dandhu thah also. And this time I had the previlildge of picking a watermelon ( Alas! I dont eat them )And then we all went to the beach two days in a row after Tinks mum, sis and bro came which turned out to be the BESTEST picninc EVER
We played water ball, Volly, Riley, Boalha gahaaa, Goani riley, bulha riley, Football & Dodge balll.
And We even went riding in the fields...not two but three in a cyke. It was Soooo much FUN. Went even about half an hour before sunrise. I was sooooo scared. There are all this Handhi Fureytha rumors that would make anyone scared to go out at night. But I went regardless and I'm so proud of that :)
I even learnt to ride the cyke and almost had a fall it if werent for Tink's cux I would have came to Male' with more than a few bruises here and there
OOOH I miss Thodhooo already *sniff*