Monday, April 30, 2007


I personally love rainy day cox its definitly much better compared to the hot sweaty days but it create more obtacles.

Like last night I finished work at 1800 and it was raining cats & dogs. I tried calling a cab for an HOUR. YES one hour. I kept pressing the readila button like Lock kept pressing the button in the shaft. With Luck I managed to get through to two taxi stations only to be told that they dont have any taxi's available. And since I am no seer I didnt forsee that it was gonna rain this much so I didnt even bring an umbrella. In the end I had to go home soakin wet.
Some times rainy days makes me so mad. I had trouble going to my tutions cox the roads were flooded.
A wise man once said...Too much of something is never good for anyone

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I'm scared to be on my own
Cox that's when they come
To posses the one thing I need the most
To take total control over them
I dont want to to be weak
But it visits me when I cant fight
The devils knocking on my door
I dont think I can take it anymore
Everyday I promise myself
Im gonna be strong enough
But I end up being, nothing more
The the devils puppet

He is creeping in on me again
When I'm weak, I cannot fight
He blinds me, and I cant see straight
He clouds my jugement
He whispers in my ear
Telling me to do things,Which I know aint right

But no matter what I end up
being just that; Another pawn
In the Devils game
Is it really the DEVIL then I ask myself
Or is it just me
Who is playing on to the Devils hands

Saturday, April 28, 2007


No one is ever born into Life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all.

Today someone precious was taken from us. Taken to God's grace.I ask myself, Why him?He was just a innocent, why not somene who was more deserving to die...I've a few to list

But who am I to questions Gods' Bigger plans.
This made me realise that death doesnt see age,sex,position or any such. It just comes knocking and we have no choice but to let it in. Either willigliy or not we have to accept that fact.
Maybe it was for the better i say, he was spared from seeing all the ugly, spared of every evil & gone to a better place
He will always be remembered in our hearts

Ali jinaan
21.03.2007 - 26.04.2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have been watching a lot of Smallville latelly in order to catch up with th current season.
And I noticed that Tom Welling a.k.a. Clark Kent wore a lot of Blue & Red. And sometimes an occasional Black or white. And we rarely see some brown.
Have to agree the red & blue sure looks good on him but I doubt that was what the dsigner or the costume co-ordinator had in mind when choosing his clothing.
Since the Superman costume is in Red & Blue I'm guessning the designer thought it would be brilliant to dress him in those colours as in an unofficial superman suit and we as he viewers will be reminded that he is infact superman.

And those who havent notice this fact must be paying more attention to Tom Wellings face & bod than the series irtself

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


During the long weekend we got i made a little trip to Hulhumale' with my friends. It was me,tink.perky,midho & fruity.We all went in the evening ( Cox we can avoid the heat)Since we all went for a swim we tried in vain to find a nice spot. By this I mean where there weren't weeds or were full of priky rocks. Alas for us it was that and more. The water was so murky too.But we all still took a dip and stayed near the shallow water. We didn't play any games or anything just stayed there in the water.After that we changed and got ready to head back. Now this is where things got intresting. Since I had never gone to Hulhumale' this came as a surprise to me.The whole terminal was full. But we stayed in line. Suddenly the doors were opened and everyone dashed to get out and get on to one of the ferries.People were pushing each other to out win one another. There took no notice to children or anyone for the matter. We all were almost crushed among the pool of people that day. And to make matters worse when me,perky, tink and fruity got on to the ferry in vain the ferry captain or whatever said that midho cant get in cox there were enough people. We all got so angry that we got off and waited for the next ferrry. The whole trip was ruined by the return trip....Either people in Male' or Hulhumale' needs better manners or MTCC needs to make the terminal larger. Either way I'm not stepping in Hulhumale' any time soon.

Yeah it was also in the news that that day about 3000 or so people visited Hulhumale'. It was a record. No wonder it was like ungulhey baazaar that night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


We all try to do our best in everything we do. But the million dollar question is - are doing that so cox we want it ? or is it becox someone else expect that of us?
Acceptance.One single word so strong.We all try to get acceptance from everyone we meet. Family.Friends.Collegues.Husbands/Wives.
We all try to go that extra mile not becox we want to, and neither cox its right or wrong. We do it cox we want to be accepted. Smoking is the best example to emphasis that.
Ive tried my best to try to do wat was expected of me ever since I can remember. People accepting me was essential for me so I did all I can do to fit in. But in doing so I lost perspective of myself. I've tried so hard to be accepted that I forgot the reason why I wanted to do it in the place. Maybe is was to fit in maybe just to be like the others or maybe to make my friends and mum to like and love me better.
I've done things I didn't want to do and some of them I still live to regret.But I'm through with being what people what me to be.There is no way we can ever please everyone. There is only one person's opinion whom I should be bothered about and that is God, Himself.
So if people dont like me for being me we'll then thats their problem not mine :)
Life's too short to be live through other people's eyes

Sunday, April 15, 2007


When I ask you to listen to me
And you start to give me advice,
You have not done what have asked
When I asked you to listen to me
And you begin to tell me why,
I shouldn’t be feel that way,
You are trampling on my feelings
When I ask you to listen to me
And you feel like you have to do something
To solve my problem,
You have failed me,
Strange as they may seem
Listen! All I ask is that you listen
Don’t talk or do – just hear me
Advice is cheap; 20 cents will get
You both Dear Abby & Billy Graham
In the same newspaper.
And I can do for myself, I am not hopeless
Maybe discourage & faltering
But not helpless
When you do something for me that I can
And need to do myself,
You contribute to my fear & inadequacy
But when you accept as a simple fact
That I feel what I feel,
No matter how irrational,
That I can stop to convince
You and get about this business
Of understanding what’s behind
This irrational feeling
And when that’s clear the answers are
Obvious and I don’t need advice
Irrational feeling make sense when
When we understand what’s behind them
That’s why prayers works, sometimes
For some people – because God is mute
And he doesn’t give advice or tell you how to fix things
God just listen and let you work it out yourself
So please listen, and just hear me
And if you want to talk, wait a minute
For your turn – and I will listen to you
-Author Unknown-

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Tears fall down my face,

I just push them away,

And put on a smile,

Pretend that I'm okay.

I can't let anyone see me cry,

I've held it all in for years,

Can't let them know,

That I'm broken inside.

I act like I'm happy,

Like nothing is wrong,

If only they knew,

It was all a lie.

I'll just keep on smiling,

And maybe one day I will be happy,

But for now it's fake,

But it's all I can do.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


The otherday my lil darling (Shuko) called me at the office and asked me to get two tickets for Lanka

I was like ...WHAT???

It turned out that she saw the other kids in the house play with PS and she wanted to play it too (She infact plays Feeding Frenzy on the comp), and beybe (Her father and my step dad) told that he got the PS from Lanka. So she decided to go to Lanka with beyb and get the PS hersef


Thats not all, in order to discourage her mum said she doesnt have a bag. But she outsmarte her. She went to thithibe and asked fo a bag and asked mum to take all her clothes from the cupboard.

Is she smart or what???

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Me, tink, sucksex, perky & some others do have lots of get togethers where we watch a moovie or just hang out to have fun

One night we gathered at tink's house to watch Exorcism of Emily Rose

We were watching it at the attic/office of tink's house where we had privacy

We had the lighted out and it was kinda spooky tooo

Perky and I were sitting close and near to the door while Tink was seated at the far side on a sofa chair

The moovie was scary alright and had real surprised scream moments

There was one scene where the gal turned and a person had back goo coming out, believe me it was scary at that time

While we were watching perrky heard someone knock on the door or something which made her fly under the table

She startled me, I thought the way she got up and ran under the tale was cox there was a cockroach which had me bolting out of the chair too

As it turned out perky got scared when tinks dad knock on the door

So if you are ever plannin on watching a horror movie with perrly dont

She screams and yeah and stay FAR FAR AWAY she has a habit of biting into ur hands and making you startled toooo

Monday, April 9, 2007


She wipes a tear from her brow
She's been crying again
She's been walking into walls again
Behind her quivering smile
There's a secret
That goes deeper than the cuts she hides

Her head's spinning around
He beat her soul to the ground
A grown woman in pain
And all she longs to be
Is that little girl again

She screams inside
And all she wants to be
All she wants to be
is yesterdays's child
She wants to hide
She can't run away to the safety
of yesterdays child

Curled up, shivering, alone
She's been hurt again
She's been walking into wall again
Her children keep her alive
They're her sanity

But they're the reason that she has to stay

A grown woman in pain
And all she longs to be
Is that little girl again

Song:Walking intowall by Brian McFadden

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Ever since I can remember my mum had been there for me protecting me from the world. My mother is my champion.

When dad and mum got divorced mum & dad fought for our (Me & My lil bro) custody. The whole custody battle was one nasty deal, but mum made sure no rock or stone was unturned. Dad took us with him by force & abandoned us at the doorstep of an unwanted grandmother who had a kid who was younger than the both of us.

We both had no idea of how to take care of ourselves. For someone of five years old and pampered by their mother, I didn’t know how to even wash the dishes. I can’t remember the whole sorid details but this much I'm sure, it must have been on hell of a nightmare.

I remember one incident when we were left with our grandmother. My lil bro had obviously done some mischief and our step-grandfather had tied him to the joyli. He had a fire stick in his hand. He was intending to burn my lil bro. I don’t know whether he did or not cox I cant remember that part somehow.

I knew then that if mum had been there that old man couldn’t even come near us with that stick in his hands

I cried for my mum not knowing what was happening. Then one day out of the blues dad came to visit us. I had never been so glad to see anyone in my whole life. But he left that day leaving us both in that hell hole.

But he later came and took us with them. That day mum came to pick us up in a police jeep. I’ve heard of gals talking that knights will coming in shinning amour and a white horse to rescue them. Well for me my mum was that knight. She saved us both from the nightmare. She even came in a white police jeep.

She can be difficult to live with sometime but I know she would always be there for me no matter what. Words can never express what she means to me

I can go on and write a thousand poems, a million quotes but nothing can be enough to describe what she is to me.

But maybe a simple thank you might be a beginning


Saturday, April 7, 2007


One day we had an overnight at sucksex house, me, perky and tink were there. We werecelebrating my b day.
Tink had brought a couple of moovies with her.

American Pie or Scary moovies either of those



First we played the BOOGYMAN

We switched off all the lights and the only source of light was coming from the television which was pitt dark

The beggining was kinda scary but me,sucksex & tink wanted to change the moovie cox we were kinda bored and wanted to play another moovie

BUT perky wanted to change the moovie cox she was scared


Imagine that


The very first day in Aminiya, I step into my class and pulled a seat and sat. Then I saw this gal chating chatting and chating. Then she looked at me and smiled.
That was the begining of our friendship
Mine and tinks
From that very day we had been friends
We fought
We yelled
We laughed
We argued
We joked
We had fun
We have been through thick & thin
Just wanted to SAY
Couldnt have asked for a better friend
And yeah you nomore a teen :p

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I received this for my last b day from my friends

I lurrrrrrrrrve this piece, Its hung at the foot of my bed where I can see it everyday

It drawn by none other than tinkerbell

She's real good with glass paint, She is even great with fabrics also

It sure is good to have friends with talents

Especially on B Days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking of B Days tomorrow is Tinks B Day

So be sure to wish her

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Oh, I thought the world of you.

I thought nothing could go wrong,

But I was wrong. I was wrong.

If you, if you could get by, trying not to lie,

Things wouldn't be so confused and I wouldn't feel so used,

But you always really knew, I just wanna be with you.

But I'm in so deep. You know I'm such a fool for you.

You got me wrapped around your finger, ah, ha, ha.

Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to, do you have to,

Do you have to let it linger?


Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Dont u just love it when you see them sleeeep
The other night mom and beybe (my step dad) went out and left me with shuko (my lil sis)
I was busily watching a movie lying on the sofa and let shuko play with her toys
Some time later shuko came to me and as she awlays does laid next to me ont the sofa.
I cuddled her and went on with watching the movie.
Later when I checked on her she was sleeeping oooo so peacfully
Wish I had a camera to capture that moment
That moment I realised that she is growing up so quickly
Given a few years I wont be able to cuddle her like that
So am going to ENJOY every minute of it as long as it last

Monday, April 2, 2007


Why do people say I'm okay,

When they really feel miserable

Will it be so hard to say,

Please help me out here, I need your help

Why do people say everything is fine,

When there whole world had been turned upside down,

Why cant they just turn

And let some else comfort them

Why do people hurt the ones they care,

And pretend they don't care

Will it be so hard to say.

I'm sorry I didn't mean it

Why do people smile their plastic smiles,

And say nothing is wrong I am happy

Will it be so hard to say ,

Just give me a shoulder to cry

Why do people pretend,

And still say this is the real me

Will it be so hard to take off the mask

And reveal the real you

Sunday, April 1, 2007


I'm more than a bird:

I'm more than a plane

More than some pretty face beside a train

It's not easy to be me

It may sound absurd:

but don't be naive

Even Heroes have the right to bleed

I may be disturbed:

but won't you conceed

Even Heroes have the right to dream

It's not easy to be me

I can't stand to fly

I'm not that naive

Men weren't meant to ride

With clouds between their knees

I'm only a man in a silly red sheet

Digging for kryptonite on this one way street

Only a man in a funny red sheet

Looking for special things inside of me

It's not easy to be me.

I saw this picture & this song came to mind

Artist: Five for Fighting

Song: Superman